Feature Requests
If you would like to submit a Feature Request...
1) Do a Search to make sure it isn't logged already. If it is, you can simply vote or comment on it.
2) If you do not find a similar Idea already posted, click the "Submit New..." button
3) Select a Category from that menu
4) Enter a clear Title and detailed Description, and complete the required fields
5) Click "Submit"

Bug Reports
If you believe you have a Bug to report...
1) Do a Search on IdeaScale to make sure it isn't logged already
2) if the issue is not found, post a description of the issue along with your system details here to discuss and confirm that it is a bug
2) Once confirmed that it is a bug and that it is not already logged, click Submit New... and select the appropriate 'bugs' Category
4) Fill in all fields (include specs on your computer system, version #s for all software, link to the community discussion, etc.)
5) Click "Submit"

Additional Notes:
• Submissions that do not follow steps 1-5 may be removed.
• Duplicates will be merged/deleted.
• Note that while it might be helpful to vote on bugs, the severity of the bug carries more weight when Avid is prioritizing bug fixes.

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